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  1. Willie Nelson Has Played The Same Guitar Since 1969, Here's The Story Of “Trigger” - Whiskey Riff
  2. “Johnny Depp was the worst guitarist I'd ever seen”: The moment the man who discovered Mötley Crüe and Guns N ... - Guitar World
  3. “I was 17 years old and found it in this local paper. It said, 'Gretsch guitar, 100 bucks.' I called the guy up and asked, 'Is it ... - Guitar Player
  4. Miloš Karadaglić: 'Picking up the guitar was a complete accident – it's now my best friend' - Classic FM
  5. Johnny Depp called 'worst guitarist I've ever seen' by man who signed Mötley Crüe and Guns N' Roses - UNILAD
  6. “Cool with a capital C”: Eric Clapton's Marshall JCM800 that rocked 1.5 billion people at Live Aid is up for sale - MusicRadar
  7. "To be honest, I don't consider myself a guitarist, so I don't sit around and think about the whole thing too much": Noel ... - MusicRadar
  8. Haken guitarist Richard Henshall will release new EP Mu Vol. 1 in June - Louder
  9. “When I go onstage and have a guitar, I feel like no-one can touch me”: Why Amy Winehouse's passion for guitar was ... - Guitar World
  10. Paul McCartney recalls 'embarrassing' on-stage moment that changed his future with The Beatles - New York Post
  11. Rock + Metal Bands Who Either Don't Have a Bassist or Don't Have a Guitarist - Loudwire
  12. “We're the birthplace of blues, country and rock and roll music, and the guitar is at the core of all of it”: The America at ... - Guitar Player
  13. “Packed full of great sounds and options, yet remains easy enough to navigate that newbie guitarists won't struggle to ... - Guitar World
  14. Q&A: Trace Spath, guitarist for OLY - The Front - The Western Front
  15. How The Beaches’ Kylie Miller Uses PRS Guitars to Bring Timeless Pop-Rock to the Forefront - Spin
  16. Gary Clark Jr. Recalls 'Blues Guys' Thinking He Was 'Crazy' Because of Early-Career Rig, Explains Why He Chose ... - Ultimate Guitar
  17. “What makes a great blues player is taking on influences that aren't blues-based”: Joe Bonamassa explains why the ... - Guitar World
  18. “I know some guitarists that will work on a 30-second soundbite for days before filming it in a way that looks off the cuff ... - Guitar World
  19. Paul McCartney reveals his most embarrassing guitar moment - Rock 107
  20. “A lot of guitarists don't consider themselves part of the rhythm section. I could always count on Randy to come up with ... - Guitar Player
  21. “Without reservation, this is the finest instrument I have ever played”: Schecter unveils zesty signature model for Tori ... - Guitar World
  22. Paul McCartney Reveals 'Embarrassing' Moment That 'Melted' His Career as a Lead Guitarist - PEOPLE
  23. Positive Grid just launched a huge guitar month sale with 10% off Spark and free shipping on everything throughout April - Guitar Player
  24. “This disease won't beat me and I will continue writing and playing for as long as I can”: Glenn Tipton explains how ... - Guitar World
  25. “We're offering a reward to anyone who can help us locate the guitar”: Jerry Cantrell's original G&L Rampage – one of ... - Guitar World
  26. “Noel Gallagher gave me one of Peter Green's Gibson Les Pauls. Johnny Marr had given Noel a guitar, and maybe he ... - Guitar World
  27. ULI JON ROTH: Seeing JIMI HENDRIX Perform Was A 'Mind-Blowing' Experience - BLABBERMOUTH.NET
  28. 'Johnny Depp Was the Worst Guitarist I'd Ever Seen', A&R Exec Who Scouted Guns N' Roses & Mötley Crüe Says - Ultimate Guitar
  29. Dave Mustaine Shares Opinion on Kiko Loureiro Playing With Megadeth Again: 'I'm Trying to Be Realistic About Stuff' - Ultimate Guitar
  30. “One of the beautiful things about Leo is one of the hardest things to do – forget that you're playing a guitar and just feel ... - Guitar Player
  31. George Harrison said seeing Cliff Richard inspired him to play guitar: "I could do better than that" - Gold
  32. All your favorite guitarists know how to lock into a groove with their leads – and learning to solo deep in the pocket will ... - Guitar World
  33. 'It's a Bit of a Crapshoot': Joe Satriani Explains Why He Tends to Stay Away From Maple Necks Most of the Time - Ultimate Guitar
  35. Creedence Clearwater Revival singer John Fogerty coming to Spokane Pavilion -
  36. Zakk Wylde says Dimebag has been sending signs 'willing Pantera tour to happen' - Planet Radio
  37. Guitar gods: The 30 most influential lead guitarists of all time - Yardbarker
  38. Joe Satriani on lifelong friendship with Seve Vai, learning to play guitar like Eddie Van Halen -
  39. “It was found in the trunk of a car. They had sanded it to make it look like it wasn't mine”: Tyler Bryant's stolen Pinky One ... - Guitar World
  40. 'He Wouldn't Stop Until He Was Satisfied': Black Keys' Dan Auerbach on What Working With Noel Gallagher Is Really Like - Ultimate Guitar
  41. January Man’s Cashin a self-made guitarist - Sentinel-Tribune
  42. "He showed me some things that Charlie Patton and Robert Johnson had taught him – he knew those people": Hubert ... - MusicRadar
  43. 'As time has taught us, there was a lot more to Kurt Cobain's guitar playing than the slacker attitude he'd like us to have ... - MusicRadar
  44. Illness slows, but doesn't stop, Peter Frampton - The Columbian
  45. “I got made fun of because I walked in proud with an Ibanez Blazer and a solid-state Crate amp”: Gary Clark Jr. says he ... - Guitar World
  46. John Mayer says that if he'd “never played a guitar before”, this artist would make him “race out and buy one the next day” -
  47. 'It's in the Touch': Gary Clark Jr. Explains What Makes an Authentic Blues Guitar Player - Ultimate Guitar
  48. Gadsden concert will feature Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar player - Gadsden Times
  49. “The guitar duel scene with Ry Cooder wasn't working. Ry called up Guitar Player and asked who the new hotshot on ... - Guitar World
  50. Chris Buck has been sent “hate mail” for appearing in Total Guitar's Greatest Blues Guitarists list -
  51. “Slash called and said, 'You got the gig. We leave next week. Learn the whole catalog'”: Gilby Clarke on how he joined ... -
  52. Jon Bon Jovi reveals reason for estranged friendship with Richie Sambora - New York Daily News
  53. Paul Nelson, Grammy-winning CT guitarist who played with blues legends, has died - CT Insider
  54. “Eddie Van Halen had me play his 5150 guitar, and then he asked me to show the solo to him, because he'd forgotten it ... - Guitar Player
  55. Tom Morello Explains What Makes Strats So Special & Why He Decided to Play One: 'With the Stratocaster, the Player ... - Ultimate Guitar
  56. Nita Strauss Names Most Important 'Responsibility' of Guitar Players: 'That's Probably the Biggest Thing I Talk About' - Ultimate Guitar
  57. “Elvis loved the way we took his stuff and went into another dimension with it”: James Burton on his time with Elvis ... - Guitar Player
  58. “What impressed me the most was, at 72 years old, the guy still gets excited like a little kid, like a true rock fan... He had ... - Guitar Player
  59. Nita Strauss Shares Opinion on How the Next Generation of Guitar Players Is Faring 'in a World Where People Are ... - Ultimate Guitar
  60. Ace Frehley on the creation of his new solo album, and the '59 Les Paul he'll always regret selling - Guitar Player
  61. Women guitarists are increasing in popularity on social media and changing the face of music - CBS News
  62. “I've never taken a lesson – whatever I have, it can't be taught”: Ace Frehley says he never expected to be an inspiration ... -
  63. “This is like an intro to something Metallica wrote in the 1980s”: 11-year-old guitar hero breaks the internet with his ... - Guitar World
  64. SKID ROW's SNAKE And RACHEL Talk Business Side Of Music: 'We Didn't Want To Just Be The Dumb Guitar Player In ... - BLABBERMOUTH.NET
  65. 11-year-old guitar hero from Hurricane who goes viral - WSAZ
  66. “I'm a sloppy guitar player – but so are Jimmy Page and Keith Richards”: Ace Frehley self-critiques his chops prior to ... -
  68. No, H.E.R.'s Super Bowl guitar solo probably wasn't played live. Does it really matter? -
  69. “Maybe because I don't fly over the frets and do as many notes as I can between the clicks?”: Mick Mars on being called ... -
  70. Polk County folk music artist Moses Williams honored - Bay News 9
  71. Florida man plays guitar while undergoing brain surgery -
  72. 'Light years ahead': York County guitar phenom, 15, heads to Memphis for major competition - York Daily Record
  73. Ace Frehley admits he's a sloppy guitar player - Guitar World
  74. VIVIAN CAMPBELL: 'I'm A Very, Very Physical' Guitar 'Player Because Of My Influences' - BLABBERMOUTH.NET
  75. “I think it's the challenge right now, as it is for a lot of musicians”: Pete Townshend pinpoints the one thing Instagram ... - Guitar World
  76. Rock On: He Played Guitar While Getting His Brain Tumor Removed - HealthDay
  77. Ever wanted to play guitar in the Smashing Pumpkins? The alt-rock legends are taking applications, and anyone can ... - Guitar Player
  78. The Smashing Pumpkins are looking for a new guitarist – anyone can apply, but securing the position won't be easy ... - Guitar World
  79. The Smashing Pumpkins put out ad for new guitarist - CBS News
  80. News of the (guitar) world: the biggest, baddest, weirdest and saddest guitar news of 2023 - Guitar World
  81. In Memory of Jim Crockett, 1937–2023 | GuitarPlayer - Guitar Player
  82. “I played about eight different guitar tunings – I threw the idea of patterns and scales out the window”: Kim Thayil hits ... - Guitar World
  83. “Guitarists cannot merely publish a spontaneously produced video of their playing, yet neither can they afford to release ... -
  84. Guitar virtuosos torn between perfection and authenticity, says study - Guitar World
  85. These Things Are Crucial If You Want to Be a Pro Session Guitar Player, Tim Pierce Reveals - Ultimate Guitar
  86. Kevin 'Geordie' Walker, Killing Joke's Influential Guitarist, Dead at 64 - Rolling Stone
  88. Corey Taylor Opens Up on Time in Stone Sour: '9 Times Out of 10, I Was a Better Player Than the Guitarist We Had' - Ultimate Guitar
  89. What Makes Kirk Hammett a Great Guitar Player? His Longtime Tech Explains - Ultimate Guitar
  90. “It wouldn't have worked!” Keith Richards on why Jeff Beck wasn't the right fit for the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney's ... - Guitar Player
  91. “It wouldn't have worked with the Stones at all. We're all about teamwork”: Jeff Beck was once rumored to join The ... - Guitar World
  92. “It was complete carnage... Keith and Ronnie were on their feet. The roof left the building”: Andrew Watt gifted Paul ... - Guitar World
  93. This Is What Makes Guitar Players Good Enough to Be Professionals, Tim Pierce Reveals - Ultimate Guitar
  94. Keith Richards: Arthritis changed my guitar-playing -
  95. “I Write Very Emotional Music, and Most of the Time It's Pretty Angry”: Nita Strauss Drops Her Unapologetically Shred ... - Guitar Player
  96. “I Love Guitar Players, and I've Been Lucky Enough to Work With so Many Great Ones”: Alice Cooper Talks Guitarists ... - Guitar Player
  97. Who's a Better Guitar Player, Zakk Wylde or Jake E. Lee? Brad Gillis Answers - Ultimate Guitar
  98. Why Black Sabbath Never Had a Second Guitar Player? Here's What Tony Iommi Said About That - Ultimate Guitar
  99. Jack Sonni, The ‘Other Guitar Player’ In Dire Straits, Dies at 68 - Billboard
  100. “I Think We Might Look Back on 2023 as the Last Year When Humans Really Dominated the Music Scene”: Brian May ... - Guitar Player

Guitar Amp News

  1. “Cool with a capital C”: Eric Clapton's Marshall JCM800 that rocked 1.5 billion people at Live Aid is up for sale - MusicRadar
  2. “The Opus might not displace your Helix, Fractal, Kemper or Quad Cortex, but it offers a lot of good-sounding emulation ... - Guitar Player
  3. Save big on Spark amps and get free shipping on everything through April in Positive Grid's massive guitar month sale - MusicRadar
  4. One of our favorite practice amps is 10% off and there's free shipping on everything in Positive Grid's massive guitar ... - Guitar World
  5. A Minty Novo Solus M1, Original '97 Nord Lead & More Most Watched Gear - Reverb
  6. “I have Marshall, Orange and Victory amps, but they just don't have the bark I need for this project. The 5150 is what ... - Guitar World
  7. “Ideal first amps, loaded with features for hours of fun and inspiration”: Blackstar ID:Core V4 Stereo 10, Stereo 20 and ... - Guitar World
  8. Best beginner guitar amps 2024: top guitar amplifiers for beginners - Guitar World
  9. Best amp modellers 2024: High-tech guitar tone solutions - MusicRadar
  10. Best headphone amps for guitar 2024: Practice quietly, or on the go - MusicRadar
  11. “Perform like traditional guitar amps, while providing the increased versatility of modern amplifiers”: Line 6 takes the ... - Guitar World
  12. Boss lets you play big riffs on the move with new Katana:Go headphone guitar amp -
  13. Boss aims to redefine the headphone guitar amp with the $119 Katana:Go - MusicRadar
  14. Best guitar amps 2024: awesome amps for any player - Guitar World
  15. Guitar Gear Gems: Marshall Group amp revenue was only 5% -
  16. Marshall Group says amplifiers made up just 5% of revenue last year, reveals push for digital amps going forward -
  17. “We think Marshall represents the rock and roll attitude”: Amp sales accounted for just 5% of the Marshall Group's ... - Guitar World
  18. Jens Ritter's new Encore guitar amp is $40000 of white gold-covered, sapphire-encrusted luxury -
  19. “It is a tribute to the enduring legacy of tube amplifier culture”: Would you buy a $40000 guitar amp? Because Jens ... - MusicRadar
  20. How the Marshall Group Plans to Grow Its Share of the $100B Music Tech Market - Billboard
  21. Ritter's new Encore guitar amp costs $40000 - Guitar World
  22. Is 2024 Going to Be the Year of High-End Tube Amps? - Ultimate Guitar
  23. The 10 best gear announcements from the NAMM 2024 weekend -
  24. NAMM 2024: all the latest guitar news, rumors and predictions from the greatest gear show on Earth - Guitar World
  25. NAMM 2024: “This cutting-edge design ushers in an unprecedented era of sustainable audio engineering”: This amp ... - Guitar World
  26. NAMM 2024: “No limits, no compromises”: Victory's new MK Series is the culmination of influential amp designer Martin ... - Guitar World
  27. Follow All NAMM 2024 News: Guitars, Gear, and All the Updates in One Place - Ultimate Guitar
  28. NAMM 2024: Premier Guitar Gear Gallery - Premier Guitar
  29. NAMM 2024: Victory debuts three new guitar amps with The Deputy, MK Clean and MK Overdrive aimed at very ... - MusicRadar
  30. NAMM 2024: Acoustic amps aren't cool? Taylor says otherwise with its Circa 74 guitar and vocal combo - MusicRadar
  31. NAMM 2024: “Keeps a guitarist's gear safely organized, on display, and at the ready”: The gear furniture trend ... - Guitar World
  32. “A stylish and functional way to proudly display gear”: Fender seeks to elevate the humble guitar and amp stand with ... - Guitar World
  33. NAMM 2024: Fender thinks we need an amp stand, and I think it might be right – but there are two catches - MusicRadar
  34. NAMM 2024: “These effects will bring your amp to the next level”: Vox has issued its first Valvenergy pedals in 4 years ... - Guitar World
  35. Best desktop guitar amps 2024: portable practice solutions - Guitar World
  36. NAMM 2024: “We've combined a decade of experience with that original mojo”: Revv celebrates 10 years of amp ... - Guitar World
  37. NAMM 2024: “The distinctive sonic punch of the larger, iconic amplifiers in a compact footprint”: Peavey introduces ... - Guitar World
  38. NAMM 2024: “Our homage to our legendary '60s legacy”: The new Vox AC Hand-Wired Series promises to be the ... - Guitar World
  39. NAMM 2024 Live: Our top moments from the biggest gear show in the world -
  40. NAMM 2024: Gibson announces its glorious return to the amp game with Mesa/Boogie-made Falcon amplifiers -
  41. NAMM 2024: “Not just an upgrade but a complete reinvention”: Vox debuts the amPlug3 travel amp in 7 classic guitar ... - Guitar World
  42. NAMM 2024: “Harmonically rich American tone in a compact and easily portable package”: Gibson's relaunched guitar ... - MusicRadar
  43. “Gibson is back in the amp business”: Gibson's Falcon amps have landed – can the Mesa-made combos get their claws ... - Guitar World
  44. “I wanna hear that mythical sound”: Joe Satriani has been struggling to nail Eddie Van Halen's tone – so he's having a ... - Guitar World
  45. JOE SATRIANI Is Having A Special Guitar Amp Built To Replicate EDDIE VAN HALEN's Sound: 'I Wanna Be Able To ... - BLABBERMOUTH.NET
  46. NAMM 2024: “The first time in the history of guitar amplification”: Laney breaks new ground as its new BCC Ironheart ... - Guitar World
  47. The 1.5-Watt Amp Responsible for Brian May's Massive Sound - Ultimate Guitar
  48. “Ready for flight?” Gibson teases the return of its cult-classic guitar amps with the help of Mesa/Boogie - Guitar World
  49. It looks like Gibson Amps will be making a comeback very soon - MusicRadar
  50. “I've used 4x12 cabinets and heavy Marshall heads, but it almost felt unnecessary”: Jake Kiszka explains why he only ... - Guitar World
  51. Greta Van Fleet Guitarist Reveals Why He Only Used Combo Amps on New Album, Says Heavy Marshall Heads ... - Ultimate Guitar
  52. Is the New Boss Amp Sim Pedal Good? Here's What Pro Guitarist Said After One Month of Gigging - Ultimate Guitar
  53. Gear of the Year: The best guitars, amps, pedals and more of 2023 - Guitar Player
  54. Best Guitar Amps 2023 - Our Top 5 Amps of the Year -
  55. Neural DSP unveils the Morgan Amps Suite, a guitar amp plugin for players “seeking an unparalleled blend of warmth ... - MusicRadar
  56. It's a Brit-voiced fire-breather, finished in green snakeskin, and it's available to pre-order: Here's everything we know ... - MusicRadar
  57. Billy Gibbons teams with Magnatone for its smallest and lightest amp ever -
  58. 'Is This a Scandal?' Guitar Amp Builder Points Out One Problem With Marshall's High-End Model - Ultimate Guitar
  59. Joe Bonamassa Addresses 'Sad' Thing About Vintage Guitar Amp Market: 'There's a Point Where They Become Stocks' - Ultimate Guitar
  60. Reverb reveals its best-selling guitar amps of 2023 - Guitar World
  61. The Best-Selling Pedals & Amps of 2023 - Reverb
  62. Just days after launching his own amp brand with Mojotone, Alex Lifeson gets his teeth into the pedal market with his ... - Guitar World
  63. 3 Bold Predictions For Guitar Gear In 2024 - Ultimate Guitar
  64. The Week In Guitar: Spinal Tap's coming back, and Alex Lifeson launches new amps -
  65. Alex Lifeson launches new family of amplifiers under the name of LERXST -
  67. Jimmy Page launches Super Dragon signature amp - Guitar World
  68. Yep, Fender really was selling a guitar amp for $25 – it just sold out, but the rest of's Cyber Monday deals ... - Guitar World
  69. I Don't Think I'll Ever Need to Buy Another Tube Amp Now Thanks to This Pedal - Ultimate Guitar
  70. The biggest, fattest, chunkiest Cyber Monday guitar amp deals: save up to $1000 on Bad Cat, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie ... - Guitar Player
  71. If you've always wanted to own a high-end amp but could never afford it, these staggering Black Friday discounts of up ... - Guitar World
  72. Slash will still play Marshall alongside his new signature Magnatone amps - Guitar World
  73. Testament's Alex Skolnick says “Marshall haven't lived up to their legacy for a long time now” in wake of Slash signing ... -
  74. Slash is working on a new signature amp with Magnatone. -
  75. “It's something we need to grow… we need to do more here, to enhance the legacy”: The future looks bright for ... - Guitar World
  76. Legendary Amp Builder Names Biggest Issues With Amps Today, Says Electric Guitar Wood Affects the Tone a Lot - Ultimate Guitar
  77. “Harness the power of vintage rock tones”: Harley Benton's new range of tube heads carries all the class of golden era ... - Guitar World
  78. “You don't run into amps with that kind of clean channel that also have this incredible gain sound”: Revv debuts the D40 ... - Guitar World
  79. What Did 2023 Teach Us About Guitar Gear? - Ultimate Guitar
  80. Brian Fallon interview: talking guitars, amps and pedals – plus the new Gaslight Anthem album - MusicRadar
  81. “He hit the strings on his guitar, laid it on the floor, had the amp cranked and left his studio – and left it on for days. That ... - Guitar World
  82. Eddie Van Halen's rig builder recalls “torture test” late guitarist used to put his amps through -
  83. The James Bond of travel guitars: meet the briefcase guitar – an all-in-one amp and foldable Strat that packs into a ... - Guitar World
  84. Fender Enters the Multi-Effects Market with a Bang with Feature-Packed Tone Master Pro Floor Unit - Guitar Player
  85. The designer behind the Line 6 Helix reveals the one thing you might not be doing 'right' with your guitar amp modeller - MusicRadar
  86. Foo Fighters' Chris Shiflett Explains What 'Drives Him Crazy' About Conventional Guitar Amps, Talks Using Amp ... - Ultimate Guitar
  87. “It feels like total blasphemy!” Chris Shiflett on why he joined the modeler movement and switched from tube amps to ... - Guitar World
  88. “They're some of the best amps I've ever played”: Pearl Jam's Mike McCready on why he made the switch to Fender's ... - Guitar World
  89. Blackstar just launched some of the most versatile mid-priced tube amps on the market - Guitar World
  90. Guitar amp pedals: 4 things to consider when choosing and using them - MusicRadar
  91. “Perhaps I could have been more open about it to the people watching our YouTube videos”: Lee Anderton responds to ... - Guitar World
  92. Gibson finds lost archive of pre-'70s guitar amp and pedal blueprints after they were listed on eBay -
  93. “The latest discovery is unbelievable”: Gibson recovers entire lost archive of pre-'70s guitar amp and effects pedal ... - Guitar World
  94. “Every meeting we have, we talk about the Model T”: Sunn confirms a reissue of its most iconic amp is in the works ... - Guitar World
  95. Sunn Amps reveals first new post-resurrection product range - MusicRadar
  96. Dimebag Darrell's legendary Warhead amp is returning this year – could his guitars be next? - Guitar World
  97. Conan O'Brien nearly bought Buddy Holly's amp – here's what stopped him - Guitar World
  98. Best guitar amps: Combos, heads and pedalboard amps - MusicRadar
  99. A lost Dumble Overdrive Special that's been called “possibly the greatest amplifier ever made“ has resurfaced after 40 ... - Guitar World
  100. Best tube amps: The finest tube-driven heads, combos, and lunchbox amps on the market - MusicRadar

Bass Player News

  1. “The work ethic gifted to me by the Pumpkins helps me get prepared… I'm excited to be playing with these amazing ... - Guitar World
  2. “When I was a kid, I thought bass playing was about throwing up and cutting yourself – I blame Gene Simmons and Sid ... - Guitar World
  3. Joe Hubbard Announces the Release New Course: “Playing Through the Jazz Standards Vol.1: Donna Lee” - Bass Magazine
  4. Rock + Metal Bands Who Either Don't Have a Bassist or Don't Have a Guitarist - Loudwire
  5. “I had forgotten something – I don't know what. As I came back, I heard my father say, 'Wait a minute, here he is ... - Guitar World
  6. SHAVO ODADJIAN Explains How He Became SYSTEM OF A DOWN's Bassist - Metal Injection
  7. “It's one of my favorite basslines. I don't know how I came up with it – doing the session was like floating in space ... - Guitar World
  8. In Hearts Wake bid farewell to bassist Kyle Erich, announce his final tour for September - X-Press Magazine
  9. Legendary Bassist Avery Sharpe to Release New Album - Bass Magazine
  10. The Bassist Who Inspired Pearl Jam and King's X to Use 12-String Basses - Ultimate Guitar
  11. Watch OVERKILL Rehearse With DAVID ELLEFSON For Upcoming South American Tour - BLABBERMOUTH.NET
  12. In Hearts Wake Say "Farewell" to Bassist Kyle Erich with New Song - MetalSucks
  13. “Playing at the Super Bowl is the easy part. It's the musical director responsibilities leading up that's stressful”: Adam ... - Guitar World
  14. In Hearts Wake & Longtime Bassist Kyle Erich Part Ways - The Music
  15. Will Oasis Ever Reunite? Former Bassist Andy Bell Thinks 'They Probably Will' - Ultimate Guitar
  16. “I wanted him to be very successful because he seemed pretty nervous”: Original Tool bassist Paul D'Amour recalls ... - Guitar World
  17. Bassist Explains What Playing With Steve Vai Is Really Like, Names One Thing He's Missing in Modern Solos - Ultimate Guitar
  18. Bassist Plays Cliff Burton's '(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth' While Squatting 225 lbs - Ultimate Guitar
  19. Blu DeTiger Names 10 Bass Albums Every Fan Should Own - Consequence
  20. The best bass players of all time, ranked - Yardbarker

Bass Amp News

  1. Is Ashdown's latest combo its best lightweight bass amp yet? - Guitar World
  2. Line 6 New POD Express and POD Express Bass - Premier Guitar
  3. Best bass amps: Our expert picks - Guitar World
  4. Line 6 POD Express: With HX modelling and more -
  5. DARKGLASS Unveils New Infinity And Microtubes Bass Amp Combo Series - GearGods
  6. NAMM 2024: NAMM dates, news and rumors for guitars, synths, music tech and more - MusicRadar
  7. NAMM 2024: all the latest guitar news, rumors and predictions from the greatest gear show on Earth - Guitar World
  8. NAMM 2024: "Not just powerful, they are portable" – Darkglass announces four new combo digital and analog 500-watt ... - MusicRadar
  9. Orange Amplification launch the Glenn Hughes Purple Bass - Mixdown
  10. Orange Amps Launch the Glenn Hughes Signature Purple O Bass - Premier Guitar
  11. NAMM 2024: “Not just an upgrade but a complete reinvention”: Vox debuts the amPlug3 travel amp in 7 classic guitar ... - Guitar World
  12. NAMM 2024: “A luxurious color that evokes the beginnings of heavy metal”: Orange Amps team up with Glenn Hughes ... - Guitar World
  13. Jimmy Page launches Super Dragon signature amp - Guitar World
  14. Sundragon and Jimmy Page unveil the Super Dragon, a “faithful recreation” of the modded Super Bass that was his ... - MusicRadar
  15. Black Friday guitar deals 2023: We've hand-picked the top guitar deals that are still live - Guitar World
  16. Line 6 Helix Firmware Update 3.70: Feedback Generator & Nobel Bass DI -
  17. Aguilar Amplification Unveils Limited Edition Fall 2023 Colors - Bass Magazine
  18. Best bass amps: 14 top choice amplification options for bassists - MusicRadar
  19. “Red-blooded overdrive without shaking the foundations”: Is Ashdown's upgraded CTM-15 desktop bass amp the ... - Guitar World
  20. Sunn's first official drop revives amps used by Adam Jones, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix - Guitar World

Guitar Effects News

  1. Guitar World deals of the week: save $250 on a Schecter, over $200 off a Marshall, plus up to 30% off at Guitar Center - Guitar World
  2. Boss NS-1X Noise Suppressor Pedal Review: Taking On Studio Static — SonicScoop - SonicScoop
  3. “Packed full of great sounds and options, yet remains easy enough to navigate that newbie guitarists won't struggle to ... - Guitar World
  4. “For many wah enthusiasts, Clyde McCoy wahs are considered the 'Holy Grail', and Xotic has replicated its tonal recipe ... - Guitar World
  5. “The Opus might not displace your Helix, Fractal, Kemper or Quad Cortex, but it offers a lot of good-sounding emulation ... - Guitar Player
  6. “These are things that most of us have simply never tried to do before”: Great Eastern's XO Variable Crossover is a ... - MusicRadar
  7. Cosmodio Instruments Launches Pet Yeti Pedal - Premier Guitar
  8. Want to Build Pedals? Here's the Ultimate Kit Roundup - Premier Guitar
  9. Guitar Deals: BOSS, Fishman, PRS and more -
  10. Trickfish Amplification Introduces New Line of Bass Pedals - Premier Guitar
  11. “I wanted him to be very successful because he seemed pretty nervous”: Original Tool bassist Paul D'Amour recalls ... - Guitar World
  12. Fender Tone Master Pro Review: The Classiest Modeling Amp - WIRED
  13. Bargain Effects Pedals: Bass pedals for your tone and wallet -
  14. “The amount of functionality Boss has packed into a Compact series pedal is just staggering”: Boss IR-2 Amp & Cabinet ... - Guitar World
  15. “It can produce the most horrific fuzz in the universe”: Alex Lifeson debuts his second stompbox, the LERXST Snow ... - Guitar World
  16. Amiga 500 as a real-time guitar effects pedal: Magical Synth Adventure - CDM Create Digital Music - Create Digital Music
  17. "That guitar chord Andy came up with was just mind-blowing”: How The Police taught the ultimate lesson of less-is ... - MusicRadar
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